Peggy’s Cove Official Website

Peggy’s Cove is one of Nova Scotia’s most iconic attractions, as the official website, the goal is to ensure safe and enjoyable experiences for all our visitors. The unique coastal experience receives national and international recognition and high levels of visitation. With expansive granite rocks, bold coastline, crashing waves, and a historic lighthouse—Peggy’s Cove exemplifies the quintessential Nova Scotia that visitors love, and residents cherish.

It is also a living community, an active fishing village, and home to year-round residents.

The Peggy’s Cove Master Plan Project began through the Tourism Nova Scotia’s Tourism Revitalization of Icons Program (TRIP), an infrastructure funding program focused on revitalizing Nova Scotia’s most competitive tourism icons.

Develop Nova Scotia has been working with the community of Peggy’s Cove to complete a comprehensive master plan and move to implementation of a first phase of infrastructure improvements that are informed by the master planning process. Given the area’s unique identity as both tourism icon and living community, this work is focused on balancing a number of important priorities:


Ensuring the continued liveability of the community


Creating a safe, accessible, and engaging experience for locals, visitors, and business operators


Protecting the community from the impacts of climate change and sea level rise


Protecting the icon’s value and the direct and indirect value that it generates for the province

Visitors at Peggys Cove on the Rocks Overlooking the Community

Develop Nova Scotia is a provincial crown corporation in charge of leading the sustainable development of economic and social infrastructure to advance inclusive economic growth in Nova Scotia.

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