Safe Travels to Peggy’s Cove

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, an active fishing village and home to the Peggy’s Point Lighthouse.

Witness the power of the sea, immerse yourself in the natural landscape, and experience the sights and sounds of the village and the Peggy’s Cove Preservation Area year-round.

Current weather conditions

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Power of the Sea

Rogue Waves Can Occur

Sudden high waves can happen even on calm and sunny days. Be mindful of the dangers of the coastline and ocean at Peggy’s Cove and stay alert to protect yourself.

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Live Views of Peggy’s Cove

For a real-time view of coastal conditions and visitor activity, check out the Peggy’s Cove views at Nova Scotia Webcams


March 2, 2024
Peggy's Cove
Sunrise: 6:48 AM
Sunset: 6:06 PM
Peggys Cove Visitors on the Accessible Viewing Deck

Peggy’s Cove Visitor Information

Although well known for its lighthouse, stunning coastline, and east-coast charm—there’s so much more to experience in the heart of the village. From restaurants and local art to the unique preservation area and active fishing village, plan your visit to see everything this beautiful village has to offer.

Peggy's Cove Fishing Village Community Houses

A Living Community

Peggy’s Cove is an active fishing village and home to year-round residents. Learn more about the thriving businesses, people, and attractions that make this place extra special.

Preservation Area at Peggys Cove

Preservation Area

This is an ecologically sensitive area. Please stay on existing paths, respect the flora and fauna, and place all waste in the bins provided.